Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp
Tetris Modular Lamp

    Tetris Modular Lamp

    $49.95 $69.95

      It's real-life Tetris! And It's a lamp the whole family can enjoy!

      Let your inner geek out with this cool Tetris Lamp. Just stack the pieces together or on top of one another and they will light up. Then when the pieces are removed, they turn off automatically. It's magical! 

      Illuminates on Contact!

      When the pieces touch they light up automatically!

      Arrange the pieces any which way you want!

      The Tetris Light comes with seven tetrominoes that are featured in Tetris. There are endless combinations and forms that you can make.

      Adults and kids love this Tetris Lamp!


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: How is the Lamp powered?
      A: The Tetris Lamp is powered by a standard 120V AC Adapter. We just hid the cord behind the lamp in our photos.

      Q: What kind of bulbs does the Tetris Lamp use?
      A: LED lights power the Lamp and will last a long time.

      Q: Where does the power cord connect?
      A: The power cord connection and on/off switch are located on the blue "l" shape.

      Features & Specifications

      • Includes 7 individual tetromino pieces
      • Pieces illuminate when they are stacked side by side or on top of one another
      • Create endless configurations
      • Dimensions: For an average setup 11 inches by 8 inches by 1.5 inches
      • Power: 120V AC Adaptor
      • Lightbulbs: LED
      • On/Off Switch


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