Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot
Super Fun Tutoring Robot

    Super Fun Tutoring Robot

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      Meet NIX the tutoring robot that will keep your kids entertained as they learn to draw, spell and count by simply mimicking what NIX does. Learning need not be boring. Let NIX simplify and inject fun into seemingly arduous tasks! 


      Get your NIX tutoring bot with 24 Drawing Courses including the monkey, shark, and penguin courses.
      ⭐ BONUS: Free 4 Math Courses
      ⭐ BONUS: Free 4 Coloring Books

      Is there an ingenious robot that teaches kids how to draw easily?

      Yes, it exists! NIX is designed with cutting-edge robotics to help your kid(s) learn drawing right there in the comfort of your home.

      NIX offers 24 highly-engaging drawing courses that are fun for kids. Plus, it helps boost your kid's creativity, self-esteem, and confidence.


      How Does It Work?

      All you have to do is show NIX a drawing card and its AI technology simplifies the entire drawing experience into easy to follow steps;

      Not only does it welcome kids with a friendly human-like voice, but it also gives a detailed explanation of every stage of the drawing, guiding and engaging them all along till the end of their drawing session.

      And It is very interactive! 

      Your child can ask NIX to repeat any of the drawing steps by pushing the redo button anytime.

      Step-by-step drawings will help your kids shape their thoughts by creating a mental picture of objects just like architects, artists and scientists!

      Soon, NIX will be leading your child on an emerging path filled with fun, entertainment, and discovery.


      Fun Family Time

      NIX drawing bot is programmed to entertain and educate, making it perfect for family fun-time!

      Whether on Saturday nights or weekdays, NIX can bring you and your family together while enjoying fun-filled drawing activities.


      Your child will really love their new robot!

      You should try competing with your child, and find out if you can still win with NIX on their side! 😉


      Keeps Your Kids Away From Screens!

      More than ever, children are spending excessive time behind the screen, playing video games and watching TV.

      With NIX, your kid can enjoy more than 100 hours of highly engaging educational contents, keeping them far away from the screen.

      The best part is, everything comes included. NIX does not need wifi nor complementary apps to perform its duties.

      It is even compact, and has a built-in rechargeable battery so kids can take it with them wherever they go! 


      Much More Than A Drawing Robot!

      NIX's amusing math games, allows your child to learn math using storytelling and discovery games.

      These fun games will ignite your child's curiosity, and help the child to learn mathematics in a very creative way!

      What's more? NIX comes with a full set of English alphabets, so your child can learn to spell as well! 

      Go ahead; tap add to cart and order your kid's drawing robot now!


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