Smart Drain Hair Catcher (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)

Smart Drain Hair Catcher (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)

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★ No more yucky clogs prevents hair from clogging up your shower or bath
 Fits right into the drain, and is equipped with a chain and rubber whiskers that catch pipe-clogging hair before it becomes a problem

★ Easy to Use - Simply remove Smart Drain Hair Catcher and dispose of it every 1 to 3 months, getting rid of all that mess without having to touch it! Then, replace with a fresh Smart Drain Hair Catcher to help keep your pipes in the clear

Buy 3 Get 3 Free at US$25 (US$4.2 each)     >>>> Get it here
Buy 4 Get 4 Free at US$30 (US$3.75 each)   >>>> Get it here


Chain length: 45 cm / 18"
The Flower: 6 cm / 2.4"
Material: Metal and Plastic


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