Penguin Trap Family Game
Penguin Trap Family Game
Penguin Trap Family Game
Penguin Trap Family Game
Penguin Trap Family Game
Penguin Trap Family Game

    Penguin Trap Family Game

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      The one who makes the penguin fall off will lose the game!

      Have a BLAST with the Penguin Trap Family Game!

      • Develops children's awareness and trains their hand-eye coordination
      • Is conducive to the development of children's discernment, appreciation, beauty of nature.
      • It is made of safe ABS non-toxic plastic. 
      • Suitable for 2-4 players of age of 3 and above
      • PERFECT GIFT to play for hours with your children - or have them play with one another :)

      HOW TO PLAY:

      1. Preparation:

      • Put the white and the blue ice blocks on the icebreaking table to form a flat ice surface;
      • Insert the four legs of the table into the corresponding slots at the bottom of the ice table to make it stand;
      • Place the penguin in the center of the ice surface.
      2. Play:
      • Each player takes a turn to roll the spinner and take down any ice block of the color shown on the spinner by the hammer. A player may also lose their turn to take down an ice block if the spinner points to losing a turn.
      • The one who makes the Penguin fall off the ice surface will lose the game.


      • Material: Plastic
      • Dimensions: 22.5cm x 20cm x 7.5cm (After assembled)


      • 1pcs ice desk
      • 4pcs hammer
      • 2pcs ice block
      • 1pc penguin
      • ice tubes
      • 1 game turnable

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