Step 1: Prepare Your Nails

  • Sanitize the nails.
  • Push back the eponychium and clean the surrounding nail plat of any excess cuticle
  • Shape the natural nail using a file of choice
  • Gently remove the shine using a file and a buffer
  • Clean the nail and remove all the dust

Step 2: Apply The Gel


  • Squeeze the right amount of nail gel out of the tube
  • Slice the product with your nail gel tool
  • Select the right size for the nail tip form from nail tip pack. You have to size it properly for each and every finger
  • Roll the product onto the nail tip
  • Using your brush with a small amount of acetone or acetone free solution, pat the product into place.
  • While you fill the nail form, make sure it's not too thick near the cuticles
  • Cure for 60 seconds in the UV Lamp

Step 3: Final Touch Up

  • File and shape nails with a grit file and smooth with a buffer
  • Cleanse the nail 
  • Apply two coats of nail polish or just let it transparent


How to remove nail gel:

  • Nail get will stay on your nail up to 3 weeks.
  • Use a grit file and take off the majority of the product to reduce the length. DO NOT file the natural nail.
  • Switch to a buffer. Gently buff down the enhancement to leave a thin application on the nail. 
  • Then lightly buff the nail and blend the remaining enhancement into the natural nail. 
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